International Society for Jazz Research

Jazzforschung / Jazz Research 29

1. Aufsätze / Essays

Rhythmisch-metrische Strukturen in der Musik von Wynton Marsalis

Das Art Ensemble of Chicago in Paris, Sommer 1969. Annäherungen an den Improvisationsstil eines Musikerkollektivs

Charlie Christian And The Role of Formulas in Jazz Improvisation

2. Berichte und kleine Beiträge / Reports and Small Contributions

Sound Carrier Collections in Germany. A Selection of Publicly Accessible Archives

3. Buchbesprechungen / Book Reviews

Black People. Entertainers of African Descent in Europe And Germany

Jammin´ at The Margins. Jazz And The American Cinema

Jazz Tenor Saxophone in Norway. 1917-1959

John Coltrane. A Discography And Musical Biography

The Golden Age of Jazz

Findings. My Experience With The Soprano Saxophone

Blues Records 1943-1970. »The Bible of The Blues«. Volume Two. L to Z

Das Jazz Theorie Buch

Charlie Parker And Thematic Improvisation

Dave Brubeck. Improvisations And Compositions. The Idea of Cultural Exchange

Straighten Up And Fly Right. A Chronology And Discography of Nat »King« Cole

Die Legenden des Jazz. Eine Hommage in Bildern

Charlie Parker - His Music And Life

4. Mitteilungen der IGJ / ISJ Information