International Society for Jazz Research

Jazz Research News 38

I. Informationen / Information

→ Tagungsbericht: »Jazz and Europe«, Paris (Frankreich), 7.–8. September 2011

→ Identification of Soloists: Ray Anthony / Harry Arnold

II. Rezensionen / Reviews

Syncopated Music: Frühgeschichte des Jazz

III. Transkriptionen / Transcriptions

  → Improvisation #1 (El cadete constitucional) – as Played by Gonzalo Rubalcaba

→ Lady Be Good – as Played by Regina Carter

→ Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most – as Played by Regina Carter

→ Zanzibar – as Played by Freddie Hubbard and Doug Stegmeyer

→ Lady Be Good – as Played by Benny Goodman

→ Comin’ and Goin’ – as Played by the Jim Pepper Group

→ Sweet Georgia Brown – as Played by Joe Venuti

→ I Can’t Stop Loving You – as Sung by Frank Sinatra