International Society for Jazz Research

Jazz Research News 39

I. Informationen / Information

→ Projektvorstellung: »Jazz & the City: Identität einer Jazz(haupt)stadt«

Conference Report: »Rhythm Changes: Jazz and National Identities Conference«, Amsterdam (The Netherlands), September 1–4, 2011

Conference Report: »Wild Card« – 18th Radio Jazz Research Conference, Remagen (Germany), August 31 – September 1, 2011

’Round Midnight von Thelonious Monk – eine musikalische Analyse

II. Rezensionen / Reviews

Encyclopedia of African American Music

III. Transkriptionen / Transcriptions

  → Improvisation #1 (El cadete constitucional) – as Played by Gonzalo Rubalcaba

→ Nevalah – as Played by John Zorn, Dave Douglas and Greg Cohen

→ J’ai deux amours – as Sung by Joséphine Baker and Adrien Lamy