International Society for Jazz Research


Since 1969:

International Society for Jazz Research

In the year 1969 the former Institute for Jazz gave rise to the foundation of the International Society for Jazz Research (ISJ). Its task is the systematic investigation of jazz in the fields of musicology, ethnology, sociology, psychology, pedagogy, dance research and media research. With the aid of the ISJ financial means can be collected and made available and meetings and congresses can be organized. Another emphasis of the activities of the society is the extension of international relations that are needed in jazz research.

The ISJ organizes international meetings for the publication of its research results and publishes – in cooperation with the Institute for Jazz Research – the following series (in German or English language):

  1. Jazzforschung / Jazz Research (is published as year-book since 1969))
  2. Beiträge zur Jazzforschung / Studies in Jazz Research (as an occasional paper since 1969)
  3. Jazz Research News (as an occasional paper since 2000)
The ISJ has its seat at the Institute for Jazz Research, at the University of Music And Performing Arts Graz.