Institute for Jazz Research

Wolfgang MESSNER, VL Mag.

Born in 1964 in Wolfsberg (Carinthia). Study of Classical Trombone and Jazz as well as Instrumental Pedagogy (diploma in 1988). Paper of diploma on the multi-phonic trombone play of Albert Mangelsdorff. Academic degree of Mag. art. Since 1988 Assistent Lecturer at the University of Music and Dramatic Arts in Graz (Jazz Department) and since 1996 artistic and scientific collaboration at the Institute for Jazz Research. Head of the Ulrich von Liechtenstein Musik- und Kunstschule Judenburg and the Judenburger Sommer. Music activities as a trombonist with numerous ensembles and Big Bands, e. g. Austrian Jazz Orchestra, Jazz Big Band Graz, City Hall Jazz Band, Big Band Süd, U.N.i Jazz Band etc. Entrances at various festivals, eg. g. Montreux, Warszaw, Copenhagen, Vienna, Wiesen, Vienna Festival Weeks, Carinthian Summer.